IDPA Kickoff at BRRC!

This weekend is the start of IDPA at Benchrest Rifle Club on Saturday, March 20th. While it will be a familiar format for you regulars, you should be aware of some changes.

For the 2021 Ammo Crisis season, we are piloting two new divisions specifically for .22 Rimfire, PCC 22 and CCP 22 (22 Rifle and 22 Pistol). PCC 22 will load to magazine limit, and CCP 22 will be 8+1 and that’s pretty much the most important thing to know. This will have some implications for stage design. Activators are an important part of the IDPA skillset and I don’t want to exclude them from our stages so expect some differential experiences in the .22 Divisions. Either .22 divisions will have to carry misses for unexposed (un-activated) targets or for there to be some kind of .22-ONLY target options to accommodate the round count and time commitment. We are going to have to work together on this if we want to make it viable, and understand that the rules are already stretched for those divisions to begin with.

Anyway, The matchbook will have more info when it is posted later today, but expect 4 traditional stages, a 5×5 Classifier, and a Warm-up Stage. The round count will be just under 100 with the classifier being 25 of those. No surprises there.