Bench Rest Rifle Club of St. Louis (BRRC)

Bench Rest Rifle Club hosts a Tier 1 IDPA match that occurs monthly from March through November, with very few exceptions. One of those exceptions is weekend of the Gateway IDPA Classic/Gateway IDPA Challenge, and others could be up to the host range’s availability or the weather.

The match typically consists of 4-6 squads of 10 running through 6 or 7 stages and a minimum round count of between 100-125.

Range Fees

Juniors and First Time Lady shooters: FREE
Non-Members: $30
Non-Member Setup Crew: $20 (12 Max)
Members: $15
Member Setup Crew: $10

Match Schedule (Day of Match)

06:45 Setup
08:00 Sign-in OPENS
08:45 Sign-in CLOSES, Safety Officer Walk-Through / New Shooter Meeting
~9:00-9:30 First Shots
12:00+ Match Ends, Go To Lunch (Hot Shots in Wentzville)

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